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Artist: Sue Haskel

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Sue Haskel

Hong Kong Deciphered, 2019
Mixed media Black box frame
Unique piece
104cm x 104cm

Sue Haskel is a London-based, 3-D multi-media artist. Her work is inspired by the interplay between pattern and repetition, light and shadow, contrast and texture. Haskel gathers ideas from her surroundings - from urban cityscapes to the natural world. Her themes are varied and reflect an optimistic outlook on life - such as our ability to create order in our lives. She is always looking for fresh ideas, some of which come from commissioned work which often challenges her to consider something new.
Her work combines form, colour and movement to create detailed and immersive works with elements of intrigue and surprise. She uses mixed media including paper, metal and plastic and anything which can be physically mounted and transformed into three-dimensional work. All of her work is mounted within box-frames combined with non-reflective art glass and often using double mounts.


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